Meet Senior Decision Makers From...

  • US Oil & Gas Majors
  • Independent Oil & Gas Companies With Shale Gas And Tight Oil Operations In The Permian Basin
  • Leading Midstream Companies Operating In Crude, Gas and NGLs
  • Major Inter And Intrastate Pipeline Operators Transporting Permian Gas and Crude Oil To Market
  • Key State And Local Government Regulators Involved In Permitting And Initiatives To Encourage Permian Basin Midstream Infrastructure Development Leading Technology And Service Providers
  • Key Associations And Working Groups

With The Following Job Titles...

  • CEO
  • President
  • VP Business Development
  • VP Commercial Development
  • VP Corporate Development
  • VP Operations
  • VP Government Relations
  • VP Engineering
  • VP Permian Basin
  • VP Construction & Facilities Planning
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Gas Scheduling
  • VP Midstream Development
  • VP New Ventures
  • VP NGL Origination
  • Director NGL Marketing
  • Director Gas Measurement
  • Technology Director
  • Director Health, Safety & Environment
  • Technical Engineers
  • Key Legal & Commercial Development Experts


  • Pipeline & Steel Manufacturers
  • Pipeline Construction & Design Companies
  • Gas Processing Technology Vendors
  • Pipeline Maintenance Firms
  • Asset Integrity Management Services
  • Pipeline Inspection Companies
  • Industrial Leak And Valve Repair Service Providers
  • Hardware & Technology Providers
  • Engineering, Planning & Construction Experts
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Legal Services Providers
  • Associations & Academic Institutions

Permian Markets & Midstream Infrastructure 2012

Permian Markets And Takeaway Infrastructure 2013 is now live!

Our 2013 event will take place on June 26-27, 2013, Houston, TX.  

The agenda has been re-developed this year to ensure optimal attendance of the key decision makers driving forward both production and infrastructure in Texas and New Mexico.

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What actions can be taken by midstream and E&P companies when crude oil and NGLs exceed takeaway capacity in the Permian basin? What solutions are being executed by
operators to ensure product reaches the market when crude oil trucks are
in short supply?

As activities in the Permian Basin ramp up excitedly with the extensive production of oil, gas and NGLs, midstream providers in the Permian Basin have been stretched to capacity, limiting their ability to take the NGLs and crude to market.

The Permian Markets & Midstream Infrastructure Summit 2012 was designed specifically to drive the expansion of takeaway infrastructure and processing capacity and explore new market opportunities to guarantee optimal sales prices for Permian crude, gas and NGLs and aims to provide tangible, takeaway solutions and deliver insights to those pioneering the growth of infrastructure in this critical oil patch.

Main Conferences Area

Day one examined regional supply and demand for crude oil, gas and NGLs in the Permian and foretasted production trend updates relative to their impact on timelines and locations for increased takeaway capacity

Day two focused on crude oil refinery infrastructure, NGL fractionation and gas processing, the cost-feasibility of ethane marketing, EPA permitting timelines for build out and manpower shortages in the Permian

Dow Chemical

“Producers, midstream and regulators openly discussing barriers to success and potential paths forward.”


O&G Series

As the volume of production from the Permian liquids-rich plays continues to grow…

The need for building new processing plants and associated gathering, compression and treating facilities is speeding up. New facilities and takeaway infrastructure are crucial to deliver natural gas liquids (NGL), gas and crude oil to market, to guarantee to the sustainability of production.

To learn more about new market opportunities, local supply and demand and the sustainability of production and regulatory requirements, North America’s leading E&P and midstream operators will be meeting at the Permian Markets & Midstream Infrastructure Summit 2012 in Odessa, TX on June 20-21, 2012 to discuss the key opportunities for driving infrastructure investments and maximizing shale gas, crude and NGLs profitability in the Permian Basin.

Learning points will include:

  • MARKET POTENTIAL: Examining current market dynamics and new market opportunities for increased production and takeaway of crude oil, gas and NGLs
  • INFRASTRUCTURE EXPANSION: Identifying new takeaway capacity solutions in the Permian Basin to ensure increased production can always be marketed
  • PRODUCTION TRENDS: Gaining an insight from historical data into future production trends from the Permian to generate wide commitment for infrastructure investment
  • PROCESSING UPGRADES: Analyzing the capacity requirements and site locations needed in the Permian Basin for gas and crude oil to guarantee streamlined processing
  • REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS: Identifying successful techniques to expedite the permitting process for interstate pipelines and processing plants
  • MANPOWER SOURCING: Attracting experienced professionals and truck drivers to the Permian Basin to guarantee manpower for infrastructure build and oil takeaway